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All of our walnut trees are sold out for the March 2021 season.
We are accepting reservations for November 2021 season.

Our Best Selling VarietyChandler Walnut Tree

Chandler Walnut Tree

Chandler is our most popular walnut tree variety. It is an American variety developed by University of California. Chandler is very productive with super high yield potential. Chandler walnut trees can be grown in many regions within Europe and Asia. Click the button below to learn more about our Chandler walnut tree variety.

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About Waltree Nursery

Waltree is the leading walnut tree nursery in Europe and Asia. We produce high quality walnut trees and sell them to many countries in Europe and Middle East. We mainly produce Chandler and Fernor walnut tree varieties.

Our nursery is located in the city of Bandirma, Turkey. We were established in 1992 and we are specialized in producing grafted walnut saplings (young walnut trees). In 1992 we started our nursery by producing Turkish walnut tree varieties like Sebin and Bilecik. In the year 2005 we started grafting superior American and French walnut tree varieties such as Chandler and Fernor. We graft these varieties on strong and reliable walnut seedlings with robust roots. Our walnut seedlings are of juglans regia rootstock (also known as English walnut).

We worked hard to produce the highest quality trees over many years. Today we are the leading walnut tree nursery in Turkey and in our region. Every year we are producing more than 300.000 walnut saplings. We have walnut trees for sale starting from November until next year's April. We export 80 percent of our bare root walnut saplings to different countries in Europe and Asia. Some of the countries we sent walnut trees in the previous years are Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, Portugal, Kosovo, Georgia, Armenia, India and many more...


At Waltree Nursery, we combine our 29 years of experience with most up-to-date knowledge. We attend University of California education programs to follow the latest developments about walnut trees. This way, we always have the most recent and accurate information about walnut production and growth. We share these best practices with our clients to ensure that they get the most yield from their orchards and maximize their return on investment.

News from our nursery

grafting walnut seedlings

We are grafting our 1 year old walnut seedlings

This week we have started grafting our 1 year old walnut seedlings. We produce and graft our saplings at our own 15 hectares fields, in the city of Bandirma. We use the scion buds that we take from our own mother trees to graft our new seedlings. This way, we ensure that our seedlings are 100% true to their name.

Our 2 years old walnut saplings in July 2020

We have started taking reservations and orders for November 2020. Watch our video to see our walnut trees that we will be selling this November. We recorded this video in July and some of our trees are higher than 2 metres already!

New Video: How To Prune Walnut Trees

In our new tutorial video, we show you how to prune young walnut trees. For example, if you have planted your trees in November or March, you need to prune the trees in June. This is called 1st summer pruning.

how to plant walnut trees

How To Plant Walnut Trees

In our new article, we explain how to plant walnut trees properly. We start with explaining how to prepare your field, how to dig the holes for the trees, and finally how to plant the trees. In the last section, we give some tips on what you can do to protect the trees after planting.

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novi sad agriculture fair

We Attended 2019 Novi Sad Agriculture Fair

We were at 84th Agriculture Fair in the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. We met with agriculture professionals in Serbia and had the opportunity to have conversations about walnut trees with investors and growers

There were visitors from all over Europe who attended the fair and there was a lot of interest in our nursery's booth. We thank everyone who visited our booth at the fair.



The best time to plant walnut saplings in Fall season is in November and December. The best time to plant walnut saplings in Spring season is in February and March. We especially recommend the months of November and March because in these months weather is usually softer. It is easier to prepare your land for planting walnut saplings in good weather. Bare rooted walnut trees can be planted only when they are dormant (when they are in winter sleep). For this reason, it is not possible to buy walnut trees before November. The latest date you can plant walnut trees is 15th of April. After this date the weather gets too warm and the trees wake up from dormancy.

Our sales for the next season will start in November 2020. In order to receive your walnut saplings on time, please place your order at least 3 weeks in advance of your planned planting date.

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phytosanitary certificate

Phytosanitary Certificates

Our walnut trees have phytosanitary certificates. They are regularly checked by our agricultural engineers to ensure the best quality.

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Best varieties

We graft 4 most productive walnut varieties to achieve superior nut quality. Our walnut varieties are Chandler Fernor, Franquette and Fernette.

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Customer Care

We assist our customers at every step, starting from choosing the right walnut tree variety to shipping. You can visit our nursery in Turkey to see and pick the walnut saplings you want to buy.


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Mustafa Kurnaz
Nursery Owner

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Production Manager

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