Leading Walnut Tree Nursery in Europe and Asia

We believe that each walnut sapling we ship to our clients represents our company.

Waltree is the leading walnut tree nursery in Europe and Asia. We produce high quality walnut trees and sell them to many countries in Europe and Middle East. We mainly produce Chandler and Fernor walnut tree varieties.

Our nursery is located in the city of Bandirma, Turkey. We were established in 1992 and we are specialized in producing grafted walnut saplings (young walnut trees). In 1992 we started our nursery by producing Turkish walnut tree varieties like Sebin and Bilecik. In the year 2005 we started grafting superior American and French walnut tree varieties such as Chandler and Fernor. We graft these varieties on strong and reliable walnut seedlings with robust roots. Our walnut seedlings are of juglans regia rootstock (also known as English walnut).

We worked hard to produce the highest quality trees over many years. Today we are the leading walnut tree nursery in Turkey and in our region. Every year we are producing more than 150.000 walnut saplings. We have walnut trees for sale starting from November until next year's April. We export 80 percent of our bare root walnut saplings to different countries in Europe and Asia. Some of the countries we sent walnut trees in the previous years are Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, Portugal, Kosovo, Georgia, Armenia, India and many more...


We believe that success can only come from long term relationships with our customers. For this reason, we ensure that the species of trees we sell are true to their names. We work with our experienced grafting team to achieve everlasting trees. We invite our customers to our fields for them to see quality of our trees. And we assist them in every step from choosing the best walnut tree variety to shipping. When we take our seedlings off the ground, we bring them to our cold storage facility and store our seedlings there to keep their roots wet until spring. This allows us to deliver seedlings to countries where spring comes late, and to ensure best quality in our seedlings.


We know that planting a tree is a years long investment. We do everything to bring our customers the best walnut trees. Our agriculture engineers check our seedlings routinely for health and productivity. All of our seedlings are certificated by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture for their quality.


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