walnut orchard

When can I plant walnut trees?

Walnut trees can be planted anytime between November to April. During these months, trees are dormant (they are in winter sleep).

Which walnut tree variety should I choose?

You can choose the walnut tree variety based on your land's climate and altitude (how many meters above sea level).

  • Chandler is the best variety in terms of productivity and walnut quality. It’s our best selling walnut tree variety. In order to plant Chandler, your land should be located at an altitude of 1200 meters or lower. Should be planted with its pollinator Franquette.
  • Fernor is a cold resistant and productive variety. It can be planted at altitudes higher than 1200m. Produces walnuts with high quality and tasty kernels. Should be planted with its pollinator Fernette.

How many trees can I plant to my land?

You can plant 330 trees per hectare. There should be 5 meters distance between trees. Also, there should be 6 meters between rows of trees.

step by stepHow to Plant and grow walnut trees

Prepare your land

Before your walnut trees arrive, you need to prepare your land.

  • You need to plough your land with a tractor. Ploughing your land will bring more air to the soil. It will also increase the water holding capacity of the soil. It also breaks up hardpans and compacted soil. In other words it opens the way for roots to grow.
  • Mark the spots where trees will be planted. Dig holes 60cm wide and about 60cm deep. Do not spread away the soil that you have taken out of the hole. Neatly pile it next to the hole. You will use that soil to bury the trees later.
  • Buy drip irrigation system for your land. You will need this to water the trees and give fertilizers.

Plant the trees

  • Start placing the trees in the holes and fill the hole surrounding the roots with soil. Make sure you that you leave the grafting point several centimeters above the ground. When you have finished burying it, press the soil down with your hands or feet. Make sure that the tree is placed well. You shouldn’t be able to remove it from the ground when you pull it with your hands.
  • Now that the trees are placed in their spot, their tops need to be pruned. Cut the top of each tree at about 1m height. This will help putting the tree’s energy into root growth rather than leaf production.
  • Give the trees water. This will help them settle to their new place.
  • You can watch this video to learn how to plant walnut trees

Take care of the trees

You have planted the trees and now you have a walnut tree orchard. Congratulations! However, you will need to take care of your orchard in the upcoming years. This will ensure that your trees will grow healthy and well; and they will produce more walnuts.

  • Make sure to do the following to take care of the trees every year:
  • Water the trees in summer months
  • Give NPK Fertilizer to the trees to support their growth.
  • Periodically apply pesticide to the trees. This will keep insects away from the trees.
  • Prune the trees after three and five years. We will give you detailed instructions on how you can do the pruning.

How can I order walnut trees?

Here are the steps to buy walnut trees from our nursery. We export walnut trees to every country. We deliver the trees to your address.

  1. Request a price quote by sending us an email to info@waltreeturkey.com
  2. If you desire, you can visit our nursery to see our trees and facilities.
  3. Confirm your order by telling us how many trees you would like to order, tree size and your address.
  4. Make the payment. We accept payments by bank transfer.
  5. We will prepare all the required documents needed (invoice, phytosanitary certificate, customs documents, etc.)
  6. We will load your trees to the truck/ship and send your trees.
  7. Our truck will deliver the trees to your location.


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