We only sell the most productive and reliable walnut tree varieties to ensure customer satisfaction.

chandler walnut

Chandler Walnut Tree

Chandler is our top seller walnut tree variety. It is known for its superior productivity. Chandler’s nuts are large with excellent quality, light colored oval shaped kernels. It leafs and blooms late, so it is more resistant to frost than other varieties. Franquette is recommended as pollinizer.

FERNOR Walnut Tree

Fernor is a late leafing, highly productive French variety which is blight tolerant. It is often recommended for cold climates that are not suitable to grow Chandler. Fernor is highly productive and produces large fruits with excellent quality and flavor. Fernette is recommended as pollinizer.

Franquette Walnut Tree

Franquette is a late leafing variety and it is very resistant to frost. It produces thin shelled high quality nuts nuts with good taste . Franquette offers fair productivity and it is used as a pollenizer for Chandler.

Fernette Walnut Tree

Fernette is a variety with similar characteristics to Fernor. Its fruits are large and tasty. Fernette offers fair productivity and used as a pollenizer for Fernor.

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